Our Story:

At Dreamers' Meat Market, we are committed to helping busy individuals and parents conveniently provide the best meals for their families so they can finally take the guesswork out of planning a healthy meal when dinner time comes around.

Ever run out of time to cook a healthy meal before starting that last zoom meeting or getting the kids off to their extracurricular? Well, that is where our story begins.

In 2017, we started Dreamers’ Ranch, a community homestead that serves to create the conditions for young leaders to step into their potential through mentorship and programs on regenerative agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Our students learn the connection between the soil, our health, and our society–all while reproducing the goodness of regenerative farming for your table (sold right here at Dreamers’ Meat Market!)

Because of this most important vision and how busy we are accomplishing it, we, just like many of our best customers, understand what it is like to feel the guilt of yet another fast food dinner. 

That is why with a few acres, just as many animals and a lot of hard work we are committed to doing things the right way. Today, we are recognized as the leading farm-to-table meat producer our customers have grown to know and trust.

At Dreamers’ Ranch we are committed to 100% grass-fed, regeneratively-raised meat, without any of the junk you will find in most available sources like vaccines and GMOs. We believe this is essential for providing a quality product that is healthy for families and healing for the environment.

We are proud to be a part of the farm-to-table movement and to be able to offer our customers the highest quality meat that is perfect for families who appreciate convenience without sacrificing health.

Many have found our products filled the freezer with the healthiest, highest quality beef. And, we believe you will too.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to keep individuals and families healthy without compromise by supporting our farm and sharing your experience with friends and family as well.

Thank you for shopping Dreamers’ Meat Market. We look forward to serving you and bringing you along on our farm journey!

Meat with a mission!

"When you're buying (our beef) you're not only purchasing health for your home, you're purchasing health for kids' lives."

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Learn more about Dreamers' Ranch youth programs, where students learn about entrepreneurship, regenerative agriculture, and faith - while raising the grass-fed meat you enjoy here at Dreamers' Meat Market.